DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2014 Review

While documentary films have gotten astounding popularity in the recent years, the CBC Vancouver sponsored DOXA Documentary Film Festival simply blows things out of proportion and brings out the best in documentaries by screening absolutely brilliant, well narrated documentary videos to the people for 10 days every May, in the beautiful coastal seaport city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

A Mountain Of Documentaries

Since its inception by the Vancouver based nonprofit organization, The Documentary Media Society, the DOXA Documentary Film Festival has received immense success and recognition, and it keeps passing on its success in the festival of 2014 with the feature of over 90 films and 78 screenings. The documentaries screened at the festival included Brent Hodge’s ‘A Brony Tale’ (a documentary about the fans of the animated TV series ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’), Jennifer M. Kroot’s ‘To Be Takei’ (a film that briefs the audience about the pains and struggles of the famous Star Trek icon, George Takei), Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia’s ‘Web Junkie’ (a film about the rise in internet addiction among the male youths of the China), and Stefan Haupt’s ‘The Circle’ (a recreation of the obstacles a homophobic couple had to face in an age when homosexuality was not acceptable).

Best of the Best

Orlando von Einsiedel’s ‘Virunga’, a documentary film about the home of the last remaining population of Mountain Gorillas in the world, and how park rangers were “willing to lay down their lives to protect the park”, was awarded ‘The Feature Film Documentary’ award of 2014. Other than that, the films that received other awards were:

  • The Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary – “Gods, Weeds and Revolutions”
  • Nigel Moore Award for Youth Programming – Dam Nation
  • The Short Documentary Award – Homo Crisis

With an immaculate reputation for some of the most well-crafted and meaningful documentaries, and some amazing comments from both the directors and festival goers themselves, the DOXA Documentary Film Festival surely was an amazing festival in the year of 2014.


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