Toronto after Dark Film Festival 2014 Review

Toronto after Dark Film Festival is one of the few horror film fests which features exclusively horror, Sci-fi, action and cult movies. It first began in 2006, and both feature-length and short movies are screened annually in Toronto at the Bloor Cinema. In 2014, the 9th Annual Edition was held for 9 days, October 16 to 24 and it featured works from all around the globe. This year, they got together with Canada’s Cineplex Entertainment and had Scotiabank Theatre host the event.

A Night of Horrors

Among all the short films and feature-length movies that were screened, there were 5 movies in particular that stood out, which were, ‘ABCs of Death 2’, ‘Hellmouth’, ‘Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter’, ‘Open Windows’, and ‘Zombeavers’. Some of the names may not sound as threatening, but one can rest assured that all these movies are guaranteed to haunt you for a long time. Other movies as such as ‘The Drownsman’, ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ and ‘Let Us Prey’ also became very popular among the audience and later enjoyed wide success in public. Naturally, ‘horror’ as a genre is not just limited to supernatural and psychological events, it includes gore as well. Movies as such as ‘Let Us Prey’ had the audience ready to throw up.

And the scariest movie award goes to…

After receiving a record-breaking amount of votes from over 4,600 people, there were certain movies that stole the show. ‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead’ for instance, won 4 different types of awards, and so, won the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film, Gold. The Silver was awarded to ‘Predestination’ and the Bronze to ‘Why Horror?’ ‘Babadook’ was another movie that won 5 awards, which were the Best Director award, Best Actress award, Best Monster/Creature award, Scariest Film, and Best Trailer. The Best International Short Film Audience Choice Award winners were ‘Invaders’ (Gold), ‘Happy B-Day’ (Silver), and ‘He Took His Skin off for me’ (Bronze).

The guests

This festival was not a very high profile event, and so, did not attract any famous celebrities. It was attended by directors, producers, and filmmakers of the movies which were screened, as well as the general audience. Despite that, the event was a major success, as it attracted more audience than the year before. If you’re into horror and nightmare inducing gore movies, then you will thoroughly enjoy Toronto After Dark Film Festival next year!

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