Manhattan Film Festival

Date :Jun 11, 2015 - Jun 25, 2015

Cities : New York, United States


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    Manhattan, famous for its iconic business areas and building structures like the Empire State Building, the World Trade Centre, the theatrical hub, and the Times Square, is one of the five boroughs of New York City. The most densely populated among these five regions, Manhattan is also getting popular for the ever growing Manhattan Film Festival (MFF) which inaugurated its journey with the pure motive of integrating independent film and movie makers.

    A Festival with a Big Heart for Independent Movie Makers

    The Manhattan Film Festival was founded in 2006 by a group of talented and independent filmmakers, Philip J. Nelson and Jose Ruiz, who knew very well from their real world experience just how difficult it was to manage an audience for independent films and promote them. As a result, they have stepped forward, in order to create a new scope for independent movie makers to receive a chance to prove themselvesThe festival management team is always up on its toes to find new and better ways to help artists, and the festival organizes one such program called Revenue Sharing which helps filmmakers acquire funds for their projects.

    Bagging Many Accolades in a Short While

    It has not been a very long time since the Manhattan Film Festival is being held annually and in a mere of 9 years, it has been able to make its way to 2 top lists of film festivals all around the planet; it has cemented its spot in the list of the Coolest Film Festivals in the World and it recently was included in the list of Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee by the MovieMaker Magazine. The festival’s amazing celebrations are publicized by many renowned local, national and international media companies like the New York Times, Good Morning America and many others.

    Every year MFF awards Film Heals Award to 3 filmmakers for their films which expresses humanity, peace, equality and justice and encourage awareness and change through their work; all the filmmakers submitting their work are qualified for this prestigious award. The types of film showcased in MFF are:

    • Feature films
    • Short films

    With so many fine aspects and causes related to the Manhattan Film Festival, it is only necessary for one to keep their plans free for the middle to the end of June to be a part of this incredible event.

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"Every year we work to program a diverse film lineup featuring student, emerging, and established filmmakers. During the 2014 season we accepted approximately 23% of the short films we received and 29% of features."